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2017 Valette Williams Scholarship Applications are now open.

This scholarship is awarded by the North Shore Group of the Australian Plants Society to Honours, Masters and PhD students of Botany.

More details are available here.

Last years recipient was Johanna Wong from UWS.


Application forms:

Scholarship form 2017 pdf.

Scholarship form 2017 word.





April 21st

Speaker: Doug Rickard
Topic: Getting to know your Soil

Doug is a member of the APS Sutherland Group. Over the years, he has learnt a lot about soil. In his talk, he will he will get down to the basics – what he calls “Dirt for Dummies”.
We will learn about:
The different roles of top soils and subsoils.
The structure of soils and how it affects the ability of plants to take up water and food.
The chemical elements that are in the soil and how they become available to the plants.
The importance of the six factors that govern the soil’s ability to provide the nutrients that plants need - soil moisture, soil air, soil life, soil temperature, nutrient interactions and soil pH.
The importance of looking after the tens of millions of creatures that live in the soil in your backyard.
The role that bushfires play in the fertility of the soils in our bushland.
How to determine the type soil you have in your backyard and its pH value.
This is vital information for all gardeners.

Photo of Doug Rickard



Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden 2017.

More information

Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2017 program.

March 27th

Leader: Bill Jones
Topic: Fire and the Sandstone Flora

A mountain Devil Flower (Lambertia formosa)

Sydney Sandstone was formed over 230 million years ago, is low in nutrients, yet has a vast diversity of plants. Some of its areas have endangered ecological populations. Listen to Bill Jones tell the story of Sydney Sandstone and view the variety of plants growing at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, which is part of the Sandstone flora.


April 3rd

Leader: Helen Theile
Topic: ‘Banksias (Proteaceae)’

A eucalypt tree

A eucalypt tree No, it is a yellow Banksia cone.

Many of the eight species of Banksias in the Kuringgai Wildflower Garden are flowering now, so come and learn about them, in the Talk & Walk session at
the Garden's Bushland Education Centre. You'll hear how the Banksia genus was named after Sir Joseph Banks who collected specimens from Botany Bay in 1770. The talk will help you identify the various species from leaf samples, followed by an inspection of specimens growing in the Garden. You'll also hear about Banksia communities in their natural environment in the Sydney region.



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